This web-page is to keep the Indian Mountain Lake Homeowners advised of the local political scene. As you have read on our link pages homeowners are fighting back and a number of states have legislation now that favors homeowner rights over the desires of private civic association boards and corporations. We are encouraging all residents of “private communities” to contact the current legislators as well challengers in upcoming elections and let them know that homeowners in private developments need to have basic rights and this is an important issue and we want them to make it an important issue to the politicians as well. Let us find which politicians will make homeowners rights an issue. By having the states write into law basic homeowners rights to make sure that runaway associations will never again be able to take away the rights our forefathers fought so hard to protect and defend.

It also starts with you the member of the association. You must keep up with what is going on within your community. You need to take time to attend meetings and to follow up with reading publications put out by the association. You need to know who is running for the board. It was complacency by members not paying attention that IML was almost turned from a Working-Family Class Development into a Upper-Retirement Development. You have to keep up with who is running and learn their background and the most important thing is vote for the candidate you feel will be the best to uphold the values you would like to see in IML.

The Big Contacts

Pennsylvania Federal and State Contacts

U.S. Senate: Robert P Casey

U.S. Senate: Arlen Specter

U.S. House: Paul E Kanjorski

P.A. Governor: Edward G Rendell

P.A. House District 122 (Carbon County): Keith R. McCall

P.A. House District 118 (Monroe County): Michael Carroll

Local Contacts

Pennsylvania Local Contacts

Carbon County: Carbon County Web-Site

Monroe County: Monroe County Web-Site

Tunkhannock Township: Tunkhannock Township Web-Site

Chestnuthill Township: Chestnuthill Township Web-Site

Penn Forest Township: Penn Forest Township Web-Site

School Districts

Jim Thorpe School District: Jim Thorpe School District Web-Site

Pleasant Valley School District: Pleasant Valley School District Web-Site

Pocono Mountain School District: Pocono Mountain School District Web-Site